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Infinity Cleaning Solution offers affordable and comprehensive window cleaning services. We recommend to have your windows cleaned 1-2 times per year for residential homes and 3-4 times per year for commercial and business locations in order to maintain a professional business image.

*Important*: We do not pressure wash windows! Having your windows pressure washed may reduce the integrity of the windows or may cause harm to your weather stripping, which can result in leaking and/or drafts. For the protection of all parties, we will not pressure wash windows.

Benefits of Having Your Windows Professionally Cleaned:

- Safety First! According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), "More than 90,000 people receive emergency room treatment from ladder-related injuries every year." Having your windows cleaned by a professional will prevent you from having to climb a ladder, brave the outdoor elements, and other hazards that may compromise your health and safety.

- Save Time & Money! Maintaining your windows can protect your wallet from costly damages, as well. Glass degradation can easily be caused by mulch spores, hard water and mineral deposits, and other airbourne pollutants- save much needed time and money by keeping up with your windows on a regular basis.

 Enjoy the View! Boost the curb appeal of your home or professional image of your business instantly! Our services will leave your windows crystal clear, allowing plenty of sunshine and warmth to fill each room, and creating a shiny, streak-free view from both the interior or exterior of your home or business.

 How Do We Do It? How Much Does It Cost?

Our team uses an applicator and squeegee method, along with our top-secret formula, to clean the interior and exterior of each window. This is not your typical paper towel and Windex cleaning! We will always clean all screens, tracks, and window sills (where applicable).

Window cleaning may be more affordable than you think! Your average residential-sized windows start at $9.25* per window (includes everything listed above), and larger residential windows start at $10.50* and up, depending on the size of the window and amount of ladder work required. 
Commercial windows and store front panels start at $13 and up, also depending on the size of the window and amount of ladder work required.

*Storm windows will incur an additional charge.

 How Do I Get an Estimate?

Feel free to contact us via any of the ways listed on our Contact Page. If you are in a hurry and would like to receive an estimate super-fast and efficiently, we suggest the following:

Email us or send us a text message to (610) 451-2906 with several images of the outside of your home or business to us. This allows us to count the number of windows in your home and see what size your windows are.

- Let us know if your windows tilt and if there are grilles (or dividers) on your windows.

- Be sure to mention if there are storm windows that need be cleaned, as these will incur an additional charge.

- Inform us or add additional pictures of any interior windows that you would also like to be cleaned.

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